Friday, May 22, 2009


i wish i could say, "well its another day in the neighborhood, the sun is out, and i'm smiling, farting, and merrily skipping along the way," but i can't. why is that? because i am STILL sick. sinusitis with asthmatic bronchitis is a fucker. a nasty fucker. nastier, meaner, and uglier than my bio-dad ever was. (and that says a lot considering he was the catalyst for all things poisonous, evil, vile, putrid, destructive, and down right heinous.) i am grumpy. so grumpy, in fact, that my eyebrows have taken a step down and are now permanently in the grouchy position. apparently they like their recent move. something about the rent being cheaper or something another. damn betches.
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i returned to my abode today, where the wife welcomed me with sarcastic remarks, hugs, and wubs. the children all cuddled up to her, and it felt like i was home again. its MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH better than what was last night. even though i was at my second residence, aka my mama's, in my bed in my room, i was home. but i digress, the boys stayed up late last night playing whatever suped up version of super nintendo they play these days. (idk if its the xbox or ps2 or whatever and personally couldn't give a fart less about it either.) they didn't have school today because they had to leave to go out of town to the beach with members of my extended family for this holiday weekend. i was up on my sister's laptop playing online, lying in my bed with one dog in my belly and another under my arse. (its a single trundle bed so it was a TIIIIIIIIGHT fit.) because i am the sickest of us three sick cildren, i am the one who has not been able to sleep. i can't lie down, it aggravates the bronchitis, but i cant sit up and sleep. its truly a no-win situation. so around 4 am i made them turn off the damn nintendo thingy-majiggy they were playing, i closed the laptop, and lied down with mah two furbabies. i FINALLY found a position that my lungs and nose could agree on to allow me to lie down, breathe through one nostril, and go to sleep. ppppPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPraise jeebus!! what comes next? two words: EPIC FAIL.
so it seems, brother boy (hehe), E, was searching for something on the makeshift bedside table between our two beds. what was on that table? a rather LARGE cup FILLED COMPLETELY with water. pause for a brief moment: remember my stating that the kids in my family were genetically cursed klutzes? further proof of this theory isssssssss.... i got a FULL cup of water in my face, up my nose, in my lungs, ..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my cell phone got SOAKED. yeah. there went all hope for getting any kind of decent sleep. we wound up sleeping in the living room because of one soaking wet bed, and karma decided to kick his ass in return for his masterfully executed epic fail... his bronchitis/asthma got riled up BIG TIME and he had to take a breathing treatment. i was able to slept hard as a rock from 5 am until 10 am. that's the MOST sleep i've gotten since this past sunday night.
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my grumpy sick ass is going on. i have to get a few things done then i am collapsing and not doing a DAMN thing. please be very safe this weekend and take extra precautions in using your better judgment about any celebratory festivities and driving afterward. please have a designated driver. have fun!!