Saturday, May 30, 2009

praisin at the church of reba.

here i sit at my computer on a saturday night listening to my queen sing her beautiful little heart out. oh how i absolutely adore her! as much as i love the wife, i'd leave her in a heartbeat for that fantastically feisty redhead. (sorry honey. i wub joo.) seriously though... i just watched her new video. suffice it to say, she is fucking HOT. jesus. you find me another 54 year as smokin hot as her. geesh!!

other than drooling over her (and lets not get me started on kelly!! *oh please let my prayers be heard by whatever higher power is out there, PLEASE PLEASE let kelly be a card carrying member of the lesbian brigade, please, please, please!!*) gawd i wish they'd tour together again, because both concerts that i saw of the 2 Worlds 2 Voices Tour were PHENOMENAL. my meeting her for the second time at one of those concerts has nothing to do with my opinion of that. yea, right. i can't even THINK that with a straight face.

ah okay, i must calm down. i tend to get myself worked up in a tizzy over them both, especially the redheaded one. but i digress, here i sit listening to her wondering if its time to dye my hair again. i'm feelin the auburn look again. thanks in part to mrs. mcentire. oh how i achingly wish i could pull off her particular shade of red but i'd look like some twilight character in doing that. a darker, non purple, auburn should suit me just fine. we shall see. i don't really have much to say tonight. i'm just bored stiff here at home, as i have already carried out my housewife chores by folding and putting up all of the laundry. that was a big enough task in itself!

note to reader: yes that IS me with reba and kelly. don't be jealous haters. that was my second time meeting reba. okay NOW you can be jealous haters. :-)

GISM #2 of 365:
i am grateful for reba mcentire. (obvious choice there.)
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marie said...

Reba ... ummm... yummm...