Monday, May 18, 2009


i'm taking a timeout from my usual humor to be serious for a moment. my friend is in the beginning stages of a separation from her husband. its hard watching it all go down. i fight the urge to fight her battles for her. its not that i believe she is incapable or incompetent, no. i can't stand watching the douchebaggery. and not on her part either. there is stupid and then there's genetically altered- dumb as dog shit- kind of stupid. woof.
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he asked her tonight who was influencing her, no doubt emphatically implying me. she of course said nobody. he believes what he believes, however obscure his vision is. she..., she knows how she feels inside. whether or not she can verbalize the how or why's of her feelings doesn't matter. she feels what she feels. for him to disagree and get indignant, bothered, or insecure because she feels the way she does speaks volumes of himself. everybody is entitled to their OWN feelings, justified in their partner's eyes or not. for example, if you feel bitchy today, that's how YOU feel. if your partner cannot accept the why's or how's of your bitchiness, then a wrong has occurred. however much your significant other disagrees, it is their duty to be empathetic. but only that. they can disagree and be empathetic.
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relationships of all nature have their ups and downs. any couple who pretend to have a perfect relationship can suck my dick, 'cus that shit just ain't true. that's silliness is what it is. people hurt each other in relationships. it happens. be it romantic or platonic, shit happens. its the strong relationships that are bonded by forgiveness and turn with the tides. we hurt the ones we love at some time or another. the wise look back to see their mistakes and look ahead to avert their behaviors. its the deaf, dumb,and blind who are the fools who keep making the same mistakes repeatedly expecting a different outcome. you can paint lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig. he was given warnings by many. her years spent crying are replaced by the sounds of the douche's alligator tears trying to drown her.
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my advice to my BFF? and i mean this oh so lovingly,... SWIM BITCH, SWIM!!


its amy said...

damn babe that was the shit
i live in sc too
email me some time