Thursday, May 14, 2009

...ain't it a bitch

i decided it was time for a face lift. hope yall like it because i sure do. its my twist on paying homage to del shores' wonderful lil ditty Sordid Lives: The Series. that show in all aspects is pure genius. the directing, acting (it has rue mcclanahan for crap's sake!), writing, comedic delivery, and pinpoint accuracy is all quite simply put, perfection in its finest form. if you know nothing of this series, i implore you to scoot on over to wiki to inquire about this show. there is a big ol' stink currently, because the foolish powers that be over at logo have canceled the show, although it was the highest debuted and most critically acclaimed show ever seen on logo. there is a petition going around to sign to have this jewel picked up on another station. please sign it so mrs. peggy ingram won't have anymore quandaries on her hands!!

alas, my loves, i present you with the crime scene photos of the strawberry murders. its a ghastly sight, i tell you. ghastly.
Photobucket Photobucket

and finally, be jealous. totally. without.a.shadow.of.a.doubt. JEALOUS of what is on my stove waiting to be eaten by me tonight. i believe i'll quote a golden girl moment to express my emotions to you:
Sophia: Jealousy is an ugly thing Dorothy, and so are you in anything backless.