Friday, May 29, 2009

pint sized hero.

okay so i joined this new social networking group (not because i am not already a members of too many others right?). this one is called Grace in small things. the concept of this group really fascinates me. so i am going to try my best to partake in the group's challenge: to daily "take notice of the positive things we tend to overlook. Grace in Small Things exists because we are choosing not to allow the noisiness of life to rob us of the time and energy to be mindful of ourselves and those we love and to recognize the grace that exists in small things." so i am going to do this to remind myself of one thing daily for an entire year, to win my own battle against embitterment. at the end of each blog entry, i will post my daily GISM item that i am grateful for.
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my baby brother made me more proud of him than i have ever been throughout his entire life. yesterday morning before the school bell rung to start their day of learning, my brother whom i shall call *Deviant Rascal* (*nicknames have been given to protect the guilty*) got in a fight and got suspended. a bit of back story for you: his teen hormones have permanently taken up residence throughout his entire body. long gone are the days of my sweet little funny brother and here are the days of mr-know-it-all-fuck-you. these putrid hormones have brain washed my once innocent baby brother into what his nickname that i've given him says, a deviant rascal. his behavioral problems at school up until now have never been destructive to school property or other persons. (another words, Deviant Rascal has a big mouth, with a highly sarcastic persona that gets him into stupid trouble all of the time. The apple truly does not fall far from the tree.) his behavior has DRAMATICALLY improved since he found out he had once more to get suspended before being expelled.
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but i digress, ...back to yesterday. his best friend, a boy in his grade whom i shall refer to as video-game-dweeb-numero-two, is his carpool buddy and a bit on the chunky side. he is not morbidly overweight, nor is he anywhere near the size of cartman from south park. anyways, this really mean bully was picking on video-game-dweeb-numero-two. the poor kid just took it and took it and took it until he was about to cry. Deviant Rascal's temper flipped on quicker than Tyson biting off Holyfield's ear. Deviant Rascal stood up for video-game-dweeb-numero-two since the boy is evidently not capable of doing so himself. (this boy's parental unit must do a better job at teaching video-game-dweeb-numero-two how to handle being bullied.) this lead to a fight between Deviant Rascal and the said bully. Deviant Rascal beat this bitch's ass. he did get thrown on his back and hit his head but is otherwise okay. the other kid had blood everywhere. i'd be lying to yall if i said i wish i hadn't been there. i'd liked to have seen my boy go fool on the bad bully. that's not very mature of me as a big sister to say that, but damnit. i can't help it, i wished i had seen it.
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school officials had to write Deviant Rascal up because of their zero tolerance policy on fighting. (which i think is bullshit because you know sometimes it cannot be avoided in these pre-teen and teen children with their hormones riding a free for all roller coaster inside of them.) due to the nature of the write up, he just got 3 days out of school suspension. he wont have to go before the school board or be expelled. the school is using these three days as study days for exams, which will begin his first day back, so he isn't missing anything 'important' in classes. yea he coulda handled it differently, but ... man you know that took balls to stand up to a bully, especially being that Deviant Rascal weighs like 96 lbs soaking wet. i know violence is never the answer, nor do i condone it, but i am proud that my baby brother stood up for what he believed in, for what was right. in a twisted way, i am proud of him. chivalry is not dead yall.
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all of this has a splash of irony lying within it, as Deviant Rascal is the bully to his twin brother, Wily Coyote. Wily Coyote takes it and takes it and takes it from Deviant Rascal until they have this massive blowout bigger than Hiroshima. i wonder if this will have any impact on Deviant Rascal's bullying to Wily Coyote? only time will tell.
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Grace in Small Things #1 of 365:
i am grateful for chivalry.
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ask yourselves, my interweb fwiends. how cute is my wife in her sexy yellow bandana and how cute is she with our wee-one, sophia? all together now,... AWWW!!!