Thursday, May 21, 2009

sicky, ichky poo.

i wub my twins. just not when they're the reason for my having sinusitis AND asthmatic bronchitis. nice.
apparently being ACTUALLY sick in my family does not give you a ticket to escape the wrath of the crazy aunt. she is not a blog entry story, no. she's a damn BLOG story. you could write a blog solely focused on her psychotic, sociopath ways. but i digress,... nobody is saying it aloud, per say, but behind their "hope you feel better soon" and "get well soon", i can hear the level of spite rising with their every breath.
because i am sickly, bitchy, and jumpy at the moment, (albuterol treatment does that) what i want to say to her versus what i actually said aloud to her are two totally different things. yes, bitch, i planned on getting sinusitis and asthmatic bronchitis to SOLELY ruin your bong filled vacation. while you're throwing your tantrum like a toddler, i can only snicker at your foolishness. damn dumbass, stoned, psychotic, abusing bitch. maybe the hydrocodone is kicking in. i'mma shut up now. peace.
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