Wednesday, February 25, 2009

this and that...

i must say, i am sitting here contemplating topics for this entry. to get my muses singing into my ear, i hit the 'play' button on my myspace music list. it goes without saying that my queen dominates the list, with the reigning supremacy that only she has cast over me. there is something about every aspect of her being that leaves me powerless to her spells of enchantment. there aren't many things this lady can do that displease me.
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Reba Pictures, Images and Photos
at first, the short haircut did just that. why shed all of that trademark hair? that's like dolly parton going down to an A cup. its blasphemous. then when her majesty departed from touring to persue her tv show and her critically acclaimed portrayal of annie in her broadway production, i was proud to see her raw talent extending all around. but i'd be lying to say i was happy she put a hold on touring. and then there's the one thing that leaves me in an ambiguous position: her duet with barry manilow. i absolutely LOATHE that song when it is sung by the original artists, dolly parton and kenny rogers. when i first heard reba and barry's rendition, it annoyed me. but now, it pulls me in like the tide. alas, i have succumbed to it. there are just some things you can't fight against.
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this week has been a... busy one. honey had to be treated for another migraine in the er. then my sister... what can i say? teenagers, i tell ya. we are still awaiting the final verdict. i hope and sincerely pray it proves a point to her.
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our camera situation leaves a shit taste in my mouth. one camera works, but its usb cord will not connect to the pc. the other camera which holds the same memory card, is not vista compatible. fantastic. i earnestly wish to post pictures of our house, as the tedious progress is nearing its end. i will try to steal a camera from my mom or wisabusth.
life is good.

Friday, February 20, 2009

gardening and fat man.

today i did a little gardening in my indoor garden.
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then later on in the afternoon,
i spotted Fat Man next door entering his vehicle,
driving to his mailbox,
driving BACK to his driveway,
where he then parked BESIDE his back porch STEPS.
the epitome of laziness, i tell you.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

live, love, and laugh.

today we braved the roads for an unexpected adventure.
we were charlotte, nc, bound to lumber liquidators to acquire some specific wood flooring for our kitchen counter tops.
while we were there, waiting for them to load our purchase on to the bed of our truck, i let sophia stretch her wittle tiny legs.
she and i wandered over to Cheryl, who was just inside the bay of the loading dock.
and that is where i spotted this little gem:
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


today was like a bright sunny, warm windy day.
a warm gentle wind came along and whirls itself around my soul,
reminiscent of how a twister engulfs various things.
i was catapulted into a time of never ending sunshine,
tutu's and tiaras,
and the scintillating scent of yesteryear.
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"mimi," she says.
this beautiful child before me,
embodies true innocence and hope.
but it was her who changed my station to tune me back into present day reality.
it was this tiny tot full of love
that bestowed grief upon me in this moment of glory.
this tiny tot of grace lavished my heart with the sorrowing reminder
that there is a huge, gaping hole in this world.
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it still stuns me that good can still win over evil.
had it not been for this entity of love,
darkness would have prevailed.
to think what my reality would currently be if it had triumphed...
that, that is the stuff nightmares are made of.
this world is far better for having held a person of such amazing grace, beauty, and true love as my Nana. she is what life is all about. to have been taken from this life thirteen years ago, and to have your absence still felt, your presence still mourned... that's life. that's the life to strive for.
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her daughter said today, "i could never be Nana, her shoes are too big for even me to fill." and while Mrs. SB comes mighty dang close, she is absolutely right. nobody can ever fill those shoes.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i shall.

okay, wow its been a while since i've visited this bloggosphere. let's see...
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#1- Octo-Mom: okay. seriously the american psychiatric association needs to add a new mental disease. i'm not sure what they'd call it, but i know that octo-mom wouldn't be the only person afflicted with the disease. michelle duggar would be patient numero dos. back to Octo-Mom, what in the WORLD could be her rationale for how she is going to feed her brood? jesus. i saw somewhere that she likes comparing herself to angelina jolie and her little brood of deities. um, excuse me, let's take this in for a lives at home with her mom, the other has countless mansions around the world (her address ends reads: angelina jolie, mount olympus). one is unemployed, the other has won an oscar and is one of the most sought after women in the world. one accepts food stamps, the other sends her kids to school where they have gourmet chefs. one is all but begging the public for money, and the other rebuilds homes, brings foreign aide and awareness to poverty stricken countries. yea. no delusions of grandeur here, folks. none.
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#2- Big Love is back on in its third season. this show strangely fascinates the hell out of me. the dynamics of it all... is just so damn intriguing. the comedic relief in this sordid tale is Bill Pullman's mother on the show. Louis Henrickson (his mother) is constantly trying to kill his dad. the woman is funny as it gets. why, you ask. allow me to answer that for you. she reminds me of my paternal grandmother. the way she acts. talks. thinks. its just EVERTHING. i am dead serious when i say it, too.
#3- i have been a slacker in the department of mommy-hood. i've not been taking pictures of my own brood. i promise you, my faithful reader/peeping toms, that after my "wee one" gets her new 'do at the groomers in the morning, i WILL take pictures. i will also take pictures of the house, so yall can see that progress too.
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i've just kinda been stickin to mahself lately, so don't be offended. i shall return very very soon for another visit, dear bloggosphere. i shall.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

arts and farts.

i have officially returned to my writing. whether it is good or not remains to be seen. i'm the tyrannical ruler of this domain. the karma i inflict upon the bad guys will soothe my soul, it will be so cathartic.
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i completed a painting entitled, "wish." i used acrylic paint and threw in a bit of mosaic work to make it 'pop' out more. in the picture posted on here, i had my painting set down on the back porch, and the sun caused the screen door's shadow to fall upon my painting. its the square shaped pattern that you see. its definitely NOT on the actual canvas.
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the war is ON with fat man!! i'm seriously contemplating something legal that i can do to piss him off. i want to do something SO bad. i'm still convinced he's a con artist. maybe he travels all over the country targeting various churches, stealing their money. like a traveling carnival. a nomadic thief disguised as a man of god. oh yea, and an inconsiderate neighbor and a half-witted dog owner. yesth. yesth, that is who he is.
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Monday, February 2, 2009

its war, you fat fuck.