Monday, April 27, 2009


well hallelujah!! i made it to 27 years old without taking anybody out. that's a damn miracle in itself!! honey and i mozied on back to my mama's for the weekend to celebrate. had a relaxed, fun time. my bff's congregated at the pool to spread joy of my birthday. okay, well, maybe that's a wee bit egotistical, but hey, it sounded good.
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nah. ash invited us out to her mom-in-law's pool and we had a blast at the cookout and swimming. pictures will be after this bloggy blog. time was spent with most of my family members and i enjoyed it all.
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there was something, however, that darkened my weekend: everybody's favorite substitute teacher has joined Sophia up there in that great big lanai in the sky, Bea Arthur died. Dorothy and Sophia are together again up there in that 'Golden Palace.' i may be pathetic, but damnit, i'm a hardcore fan. this really has saddened me. words fail to accurately depict the legacy she leaves behind. in all seriousness, upon finding out this unbelievably tragic news, i promptly announced that i needed to get another critter so i could honor Bea, and name it Dorothy. and in one giant swoosh!, the wife squashed that dream. *sigh* i vow to find a way to honor our beloved Dorothy, aka "Pussy Cat." thank you, "Dorothy" for all of your laughs, you'll be in my heart always!!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

the misery of sinusitis.

sinus headaches be damned!!
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klutzy mommy.

i truly don't know what the deal was yesterday. i evidently somehow displeased the gods and goddesses up on Mount Olympus, because all day i was the biggest damn klutz EVER. i busted my ass on two separate occasions and rather politely and efficiently rammed my head into the corner of our kitchen cabinet. yea. ouch.
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today after mah sugar tits laid down for her pre-work nap, i was playing with my fwiend, ms. interwebs. usually during this time i do my bestest to keep the three amigos quiet as possible. sometimes it works. and sometimes they look at me like i'm the damn dumbass. but i digress; so they started carrying up a ruckus for the umpteenth time within a span of ten minutes. aggravated, i yelled from my office, "shut up, dumbass!" this did not work, so i stood up to walk in there to give them the dreaded finger point. however, what i discovered upon entering the living room was that i called my mother-in-law a dumbass. nice. go me. yeaaaa... how many people out there have wanted to secretly do that and get away with it? i was ashamed and profusely apologized, amidst our laughter.
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when she came on in, we sat on our back porch to smoke and catch up. our three children began playing out in their fence. you see, its very interesting; harley will get jackson all riled up to wrestle and run around. then, my pint sized princess, sophia, will obsessively target jackson to grasp a firm hold of, and go to town humping him ever so relentlessly. she's not picky; she'll hump whatever she can get... his head, his legs, his rump, his sides... you get the picture. this is every. single. time. jackson and harley play. its so funny and disturbing.
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and finally, here are some pictures of our almost completed master bedroom. (the only things remaining to complete are installing curtain rods and hanging the curtains.) here are several noteworthy ponits i must make:
-yes, the walls ARE purple.
-that IS a queen sized four post canopy bed.
-yes, that IS a tink lamp beside the bed. (thanks ashley!!) how could i NOT incorporate her somehow?!
-the white blanket in the corner by the window is sitting atop the dog crates.
-the comforter/bed skirt/shams/ and curtains are all eyelet white.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

rollercoaster moods.

hello, bloggy blog. how i have so desperately missed thee. i have been super busy these past few days, so i must plead for your forgiveness.
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last week my hormones were acting crazy something horrible. seriously. i felt bi-polar. i'd be happy one minute and then the next second, literally be steaming mad. at first i chalked it up to pms, because i usually have a rough bout with it like every two to three months or so. i also had some very unfriendly female issues goin on that i didn't find so polite. it just made an aggravating situation more aggravating. then i thought maybe it was because i had my a.d.d. riddled brother for a solid week and he refused to take his meds. thats enough to get on ya nerves fo' sho'. then it struck me clear as day this weekend when i was back home. it was the darvacet. i have not been abusing it in any capacity but had been taking it at regular times during my daily regimen. therefore i had it in my system continuously. i quit taking it and bam! just like that, my mood evened out. thank my stars too because that shit is for the birds.
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this weekend i was back home, as i previously mentioned. i spent quality time with my friends. i made a break through with one, and supported another in her time of strife. "friendship is the key to happiness," said my nana's pillow. and that couldn't be more true.
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i've posted some pictures below. you can see our newly installed huge fenced in back yard for our four legged furbabies to romp around in. also some pigs feet and ears that i saw at the hoggly woggly that kind of creeped me out. but the main thing that got me was a piece of hair weave i saw sitting in the meat department. YUUUUUUCK!! you'll also see where i put a barrette in sophia's hair. she looked so pleased with it too. there is also a picture of her sitting with one of my besties. and in another picture, you'll see our new comforter and bedskirt. its oh-so-pretty!!