Sunday, May 24, 2009

rotten luck.

to raise my spirits the wife and i decided to take a miniature rendezvous to Roses for some light shopping. i just needed to get out of the house because all of this nastiness inside my chest has me a lil bit antsy. after a nice relaxing time shopping, we returned home. my wheezing had returned and had kicked into high gear. not fun. we unloaded our booty from the truck to realize we'd locked ourselves out of our house. nice, i know. honey got her daddy's ladder, and they took the screen off of one of our windows we knew we'd left unlocked. even though our house is one story, the height of this particular window is roughly two stories high. guess who got to crawl through that window? you guessed it, mi amigos. moi. i'd forgotten until now that i loathed heights.

maybe its because i am sick and mother nature is pestering me again... but my damn maternal clock is once again in overdrive. its stuck there, roaring LOUDLY. louder than a suped up hog that pulls up next to you at biker week down in myrtle beach. yeah. idk. i thought the wife and i had this issue all straightened out, but i guess i was wrong.