Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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tranquility is restored as the days pass; the tide always turning, bringing with it change. a new blanket of hope; a renewed sense of direction. solid, strong words of truth traveled through telephone wires, as the waves washed away any resentment and anger. with her eyes wide open, her walls demolished and her heart ripped open, she now says when the time comes she will be ready. we will have a bigger family.
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my heart now swells with ecstatic excitement, my lungs emptied of air from a deep sigh of relief. i am absolutely appreciative. i had doubts whether or not i could succeed in changing her mind. but i never gave up. i never gave up hope. even in one's lowest moments of despair, hope should never dissipate. especially when you believe in something so strongly, that you know it to be true as your beating heart. call it faith. and i had/have faith in C. i knew all along what she had inside of her. fear can blind you, no doubt. but if you allow a loved one to hold your hand, to help guide you, then the colors of the setting sun can be more vibrant than ever, as your vision returns. some people say if you love something enough, you let it go so it can seek its fulfillment. i declare the opposite to be true; you hold onto something when you know it to be don't let go. i am looking forward to this with my every fiber of my being. and i thank Buddha, my lucky stars, the Goddess, or whomever that higher power is. i know i'm jumpin the gun, but i'm hoping to give it a whirl perhaps after we've been in our new house for about a year. (she'll prolly poot on me for saying that...)
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last night, America's voice spoke loudly and clearer than ever. the time for change has come, and that time is now. how appropriate. change. it can be such a great thing.