Monday, November 24, 2008


so much to tell, let's see...
last friday finally rolled around and before you knew it,
we were scrambling to get in the car to head to charlotte, nc.
i made incredibly lame half-assed signs declaring,
it was too cute.
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after traffic headaches and hiccups,
we finally made our way to the time warner cable arena.
unless you've previously been there,
its a bitch to find.
mapquest be damned.
it ended up with me looking at mapquest's directions in my hand,
honey driving,
us asking random people on the street for directions,
AND my mama on the phone with me looking up directions on her computer in Florence.
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i tell you what though, it was WELL worth it.
melissa peterman (aka, Barbara-Jean) sucked BIGTIME.
and whoever the dumb fool it was about three to fours rows back of us
that was incessantly screaming,
"Barbara-Jean! Barbara-Jean! Barbara-Jean! Barbara-Jean! Barbara-Jean!"
i wanted to bitch slap a idiot.
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joey and his crew arrived to the concert literally moments before reba and kelly graced the stage.
i took a few shots of him with my cell,
just to show my BFF, liz, his proximity to us.
that was cool.
he had third row seats.
< contains envy. >
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they opened up with "Sweet Dreams," like they did in january.
most of the set was the same,
although they did change it up a bit.
and, great stars, was it ever for the better!!
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kelly's swing song damn near was an orgasmic experience sent from Venus herself.
hot damn.
i KNOW i wasn't the only dyke in the house droolin like a rabid dog over that business!!
my honey's favorite bandmate, carmella,
was knocked up this time.
and my gosh, she WAS more beautiful than EVER.
i've never found her to be hot, like my honey does.
but i must confess, she wears pregnancy very well.
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our seats were, i consider, amazing.
they were on the first tier off the ground directly to the right of the stage.
we were probably all of 25 feet from the queen of country and her princess of pop/rock.
let me tell you,...
ms kelly has put some weight on.
and great buddha!!
does it ever make her all the more appealing!!
she just keeps on getting hotter and hotter from my perspective!!
it seemed like the queen perhaps had a cold,
because when the lights went down,
you could see her blowing her nose.
it was kinda funny.
if thats what it indeed was,
you damn sure couldn't hear any difficulty as she sang.
like always with every concert,
her voice warmed up the further into the concert that it got.
i profusely thanked my honey for treating us to such an exquisite delicacy.
it meant a hell of a lot to me.
we got home around two a.m. that night,
only to awake a little after 9:30-9:45ish saturday morning.
my BFF, ashes, visited us for the day.
we procured her assistance in housework on the new abode.
she also acted as a critter courier,
delivering jackass to us from his kidnappers.
my mom said he did NOT want to get into the car with ashes.
but when ashes got out her truck when she arrived here,
lil jackson perked right up.
the little shit.
we were glad he was returned safely.
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all of our pets are happy as they can be now.
pussy has clean water, so he's swimming as much as his hearts' content.
kitty-kitty is kneading everywhere, now that she sleeps indoors because its too cold out.
her personality is coming out now.
she's such a sweetheart.
...but i still think she's evil, reguardless what honey says.
jackson's happy to be reunited with harley farley and cheryl.
and harley couldn't give a shit less that jackson's back.
he just gives a damn about finding a warm lap and a blanket.
ah. splendid bliss.
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**a special thanks to joey for the pictures**