Thursday, November 6, 2008

nerd speak.

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with the turning of a page, a new chapter begins. pages lined with streams of words, full of possibilities. what will become of our country? has the dark lord himself infiltrated our government, disguised as a savior in our time of desparity? one has to be foolish to not concede that the synopsis of the star wars series has no similarities to america's government. icon Pictures, Images and Photos
our light sabers too weak for combat; all has been stolen from us as a people, as americans. our rights to live freely, our dignity, our families, our monies... only to be replaced by the wolf in sheeps' clothing pretending to give away free presents wrapped with sparkling glitter. inside the gift, nothing is found. only air. the wolf says, "here, my child, i give you despair. but look! it is wrapped in the finest glitter cultivated from out protected lands. look how it shines!!"
what the wolf failed to realize, was that the box was not indeed void. it was quite the opposite, actually; for it held all the hope it possibly could. filled to the brim, shoved in, smushed in. but its there. the wolf cannot see it; for greed has clouded his vision. but to us mere pions, we do see the glitter. we see the hope, the one thing impossible to steal. star wars musical icon Pictures, Images and Photos
with the jedi masters disbanded and murdered, only two held onto the hope. luke and leia. ultimately, the underdog prevails and the jedis are reunited with a rejuvenated sense of hope. the force restored. much like this election.
have we freely handed over total control and power to our savior or our adversary? we still have hope. thats all we have. history has been made, lines erased, and a new chapter begins. may the force be with wars icon Pictures, Images and Photos