Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Without ME, it's just AWESO.

sunday, honey treated us to TCBY, and boy!! it was completely scrumptious!!
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after a quick stop in at her parents' house, then to our new house, we made our way over to see what cutie pie waylon was up to. we crossed the field in our truck, to find waylon and his sister target shooting and skeet shooting. my honey bunny got in on the action. she managed to not only get bullseye, and she shot 2 skeets off in a row!! it was kinda hot. seriously!! i know she loathes the fact that i adore butches, but my stars!! she was hot shootin off them there rifles!!
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i am incredibly nervous about this upcoming weekend. my mother and brothers are coming to stay the night at my house. i needed help painting the interior of our house, so i told honey that i'd call in the troops, and here they come. just kinda... odd though. my mother staying the night at my house. weird, man, just weird. i know that it'll be a blast, but still, i can't find the words to express what i'm thinking about that. its almost surreal that i am 26 years old, that pops is dead, my mom is coming to stay the night at my house, an hour and fourty-five minutes from her, to help me paint my new house,with my almost thirteen year old baby brothers. so surreal.
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all things come full circle, eventually. babies grow up to be mamas and daddies. the world spins on her axis to gaze upon the all the constellations in the heavens. pain heals into love. daughters become their mothers. and the tide turns yet another day.
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