Wednesday, November 12, 2008


insomnia rocks my socks.
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okay, not really. i find her to be quite the antagonistic bitch. bleh. she always shoots me her demented smile when C is at work; its like a super wicked game of hide and seek.
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i've got to super duty clean my house between now and friday. okay, that's not really a problem, except for the fact that our washing machine has recently been diagnosed with being bi-polar. damn moody bitch.
she's either happy and swishing our clothes about in her favorite flavored mouthwash, usually arm & hammer tropical scent or something or another. if she's not happy, bitch gets all emo and unresponsive. shrouded in black clothes, and donning black lipstick, she yells "fuck you," when she's feelin down.
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thats alright. i won't say a word to her. she'll get felt up by Mr. Fix-It, she'll blush, flash a smile, blush, get lost in her daydreams about her newfound crush on Mr. Fix-It, as she gets back to work swishing our clothes around her mouth.
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ya know, this shit isn't right. i have issues. i mean, who the fuck thinks of this shit? i give life to absolutely random inanimate objects. i'm sure that is like some kind of disorder or something. hell, maybe its just the sleep deprivation.
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anyways, i'm thinking about the holidays already. worrying about money. i'm sure that's everyone, considering the financial state this country is currently in. in fact, i'm actually making a present for a friend of mine. wood carving/grinding/engraving is turning out to be kinda fun. but i tell you one thing- the engraver is LOUD. i mean it is L-O-U-D. helen keller could hear that shit, man. maybe i'll see if i can make presents for a couple more people, to save money. besides, it means more coming from the heart anyways. i'm just trying my best to attempt to alleviate some of C's stress and worries about time and money for the holidays. great stars! that sounds like an adult.
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i never agreed to grow up. how can i undo this catastrophe? anybody?
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all that we love deeply becomes a part of us -helen keller

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