Tuesday, November 18, 2008

smooth move, exlax.

apparently i have bruised my tail bone. yes, laugh all you want, fuckers. but this crap HURTS. i can stand and i can lie down. but sitting down is horrible. i cannot get comfortable. i haven't a clue how this transpired. when i told my grandma last night, i was looking for some sincere empathy/sympathy that grandma's are supposed to freely dispense to their grandchildren. the old bag let me down. and i quote, "well sarah, that's what you get when you wait until the last minute to run to the shitter."
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what. the. HELL. i suppose her theory is that my ass plopped down on the shitter too hard. its plausible. i'll give her that. my my stars! grandmothers are supposed to make it all better! aye... vengence shall rain upon her, yesth, yesth.
she normally does make it all better for me, like the time i fell through the floor at a halloween haunted house. yea, smooth, i know. Danny & Sabrina & I went to a haunted house in Florence out there towards the airport. well all was fine and dandy as we were being guided through it. we came to a stop because of something or another, i forget what.
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the next thing i know, is i'm IN the floor, like up to i think it was my waist. yea. just THAT quick too. i felt like a toddler in one of those baby walkers,, asking to be picked up. my lil arms were straight up in the air as i tried to yell for sabrina. i was short of breath because it scared me so. she had to lift me straight up out of the hole. we got out the house, with me limping and whimpering. finally under some light, i yanked my jeans down to look at my leg. it was shredded from my hip down to my calf. as i was sliding down into that damned hole, the wood floor literally shredded the first couple of layers of skin off of my leg.
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because of my heart condition, i knew i needed to have my wound cleaned immediately. we headed for mcleods, where my mom eventually met up with us. by this time i could barely walk, and had to sit in the friggin wheelchair sideways because it hurt my leg to sit any other way. after HOURS and HOURS of waiting, we headed to Carolinas. well they were being bitches there too, so we said screw it and headed home. Sabrina doctored me up with Mama Linda's supervision. i called my grandma the next day and she gave me the grandmotherly support i wanted. eh. old bag. victory shall be mine.
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