Thursday, June 25, 2009


i am an avid believer that things come in threes, especially deaths. we have ed mcmahon and farrah fawcett up first. who'll take the third slot? nobody i know personally, i hope. and by the damn way, what is this fuckery with our oh-so-righteously pious govenor of SC, mark sanford? there is a reason behind his publicly admitting his affair and i'm suspicious as to what it is. politicians have affairs. point blank. that's just the way it is. personally the only possible lucrative enticement to boinking ANY politician for is financial gain. and i'm sorry, but i am so not about to eat mexican with elizabeth dole and suck lollipops with lindsey graham. ain't happenin, captain.

some funny quips i've heard pertaining to the sanford scandal:

*** ....he did not want a stimulus package...he wanted his package stimulated.....

*** Somebody should SO go to the State House and BLARE out the song from EVITA, DONT CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA. haha!

i whacked off pretty much ALL of our wee-one's hair yesterday. the wife dislikes it. i triple love it. teehee. okay i don't have much to say, really, so i'm just going to go work on my weiner. :-)