Wednesday, June 3, 2009

reba delivers.

i was sure today would be a rather shitty one, due to the fantastically shitastic email i had awaiting me on by the way, to the non-disgruntled readers of my blog: heed not my last blog entry. the subject of that person will not be brought up again, as there is no room in my life for such fuckery. but i digress, when Honey came in with today's mail, i just about damn near had a massive coronary. i saw this huge brown envelope with my name on it from starstruck productions.

holy shit, yall. i had evidently won a contest from her fan club. Honey couldn't get the package opened fast enough. i won an autographed picture (an actual picture and actual autograph, not one of those fake pictures with a stamped signature), an autographed CD of her current single, Strange, ...AND her box set of her 50 Greatest Hits. i can always count on Reba to make things all better for me. hell, after the funeral in Dec '07 is when i won backstage passes to meet her in Jan '08. i posted my loot below and pointed to the autographs in red arrows. :-)