Thursday, June 18, 2009

southern fried.

there is this delightful little quiz on that determines which county in south carolina you truly belong in. its just a fun, thoughtless time killer to pass the day. i took the said quiz and received the answer of Marlboro County, "You probably don't have much money, and don't mind it that way. You don't care if the schools are older than your grandma, because your grandma probably lives in the area. The beach isn't too far away, but you probably just like huntin' in the woods more than the beach. You might like a little fly fishin' on the weekend too. You hate cities, and you like being so close to Darlington for the NASCAR races. Come to think of it, Dillon or Darlington Counties would probably suit you just as well!" Now see, the more appropriate answer most definitely would've been Darlington County. That is where the majority of my friends live.
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DarCo is where I spent the rebellious and most self destructive days of my careless youth. It is where I had my first broken heart, my first real country parties, my most haunted memories of childhood abuse, the place where I found who my truest friends are, the place where my monster was taken from this world, the place I made my most stupid and reckless mistakes,... Darlington County is the place where I grew up on my own accord. to say i lost my virginity in this county is actually perfect. i mean that not only in the literal sense but the metaphoric sense as well. first girlfriend, first boyfriend, first dose of reality,... you know, the real bitches of growing up. (i of course speak of no ill will towards either of the first boyfriend or girlfriend, as to one of whom i am still close with, platonically, naturally.) the memories that county holds for me is almost unparalleled to any other county. it is closely rivaled for second place by my hometown county, the place of which i was born in... Florence County.
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the railroad tracks in darlington county never fail to spring a smile on my face. when my own mother was a young mother and a fresh faced teacher just out of college, her first teaching job was in said county. in the mornings on her way to work, she'd ride along side her daddy, my papa, who was the train engineer taking the train through darlington county at that precise time. he'd wave and blow the whistle for my mama. i always thought that was super special. thats what real daddies do, you know? real daddies are there for your prom, for teaching you how to drive, and even for taking their daughters to girl scout camp for Fathers Day to go fishing and catch their first fish.
darlington county is a place chocked slap full of trailer trash, die hard nascar addicted, rednecks with life stories that are sad, pathetic, sordid, and yet alluring in that comedic-omg-this old woman peed on your floor kind of way. i was watching this new show that the wife introduced me to, called trailer park boys. OMG. its in canada though. i sat watching this awkwardly funny totally ingenious show thinking, the only thing that could make this even better would be if it was SOUTHERN. like, i would want to carry a lil camcorder into various trailers around florence and darlington counties and voila! now THAT'D be entertainment, yall!! **side note: while i enjoy being a SOUTHERN girl, i am in NO WAY a confederate flag wearing racist bigot!!**
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GISM #6 of 365:
i am thankful for where i grew up; home.
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