Tuesday, June 9, 2009

gardening and white trash.

i have been a mischievous Tasmanian devil of a house wife lately. let me explain: the wife slaved over cleaning the kitchen until it was sparkly and shiny. that night after she left for work, i tore it up. i did my indoor gardening on the kitchen counter. my excuse? i needed to be near the sink for the hot water. i am using one of those transplant pots that are biodegradable and are meant to be transferred into the ground once the sprouts are strong enough to endure the move. they came with this frisbee looking thing in the pots. add a specified amount of hot water and presto! a pot full of moist compost. it reminded me of those toys on the kiddie isle in the dollar store that look like pills but really aren't. you add the water and it morphs into some random creature, like a Brachiosaurus or a turtle or something. but alas, i am to clean up my mess in the kitchen today. i have a nagging headache and my hands are bothering me. i'll get to cleaning when i'm good and damn well ready. (i think i am also PMSing. gee, can ya tell?)
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i am currently soaking olive tree seeds. i bought them for the wife because she loves, loves, loves olives. this is indoor tree seeds that i purchased. i may have bit off more than i can chew though. you have to keep the seeds at just the right temperature and keep the compost mix consistently moist but not water logged. i may need to plan up some ghetto indoor mini greenhouse to accomplish this for the wife. i want to grow an indoor lemon or some other citrus tree for her as well. she is crazy for her olives, lemons, pickles, and her wild plums. oh the things we do to try and make our loved ones happy.
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i had to do another stepping stone for harley. when i removed them all from the plastic molds after they dried, all but one came out without a hitch. harley's cracked in half like britney spears on a psyche eval. so i redid his and am currently waiting to see if his redo is satisfactory to my standards. i have also been working on a new painting, inspired by my girls. i'm doing it as a thank you for one of my BFFs, whom i'll call the Laverne to my Shirley. and speaking of BFFs, my other one, whom i'll call the babysitter, is now officially on her way to being a step grandma. in HER words, "oh how the redneck drama flows." this is irony in its utmost classic form. outside looking in, its sad and pathetic,... and funny. the cycle never stops. i'll leave it at that. i'm gonna go lay down now because this blasted headache has yet to go away and its starting to really piss me off now. peace out, my fellow interwebber friends.
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