Saturday, June 27, 2009

sacreligious phenomenon and art.

i find myself being drawn into this hyped up Michael Jackson mania,...somewhat. let me explain. i'm sort of not really getting into putting him on this seemingly saint-like immortal pedestal that the rest of the damn civilization has bestowed upon him. its literally like a pill was given to the masses upon his death that somehow melts all intelligence brain cells within everyone's heads. is everybody forgetting about the Jesus Juice and allegations of child abuse? why is the world shocked that his demise was drug related? we watched his train wreck happen. i mean, we are currently watching the lindsey lohan train wreck, aren't we? we thought we were watching the britney spears trainwreck, but her family intervened. (albeit most likely for financial purposes, we lest we can hope the intervention is working so she does not meet the same fate as elvis, marilyn monroe, anna nicole smith, and now michael jackson.) we as a society, have a morbidly twisted, sick fascination with train wrecks. we can't peal our eyes away from it, think its a crying shame, but feed the machine too. a culture of hypocrits.

and speaking of hypocrits, let me make mention of our evidently Biblical govenor, Mark Sanford.
if i were a real christian, i'd be pissed at his self referencing false prophecy. seriously, comparing your fuck up to King David? i know he's trying to appeal to his holy roller voters by begging for their forgiveness. the whole damn thing is ludacris to begin with.

i'm still working on the wooden weiner and having immense fun doing so. i'm having more fun than i thought i would. my wife has cleared out a spot in my art room and i couldn't be happier than a pig in shit. yay!!