Wednesday, June 3, 2009

attention!! disgruntled blog readers!!

**Let me make an amendment to this blog, by all means. The facts in THIS blog are either a) as they were TOLD to me DIRECTLY from 'family members,' or b) from MY OWN fucking memories. I have made it a SOLID POINT to NOT mention ANYONE by their REAL names. That is on purpose, as to protect the identities of your precious family. If you don't like what I write, and recall things from MY POINT OF VIEW, from the WAY I FUCKING REMEMBER them, ... then there is a SIMPLE solution: Fuck off. Got that, J? Fuck Off. My blog. My rules. My memories. Easy as that. Simply because I know things you don't, and I recall things AS THEY WERE, doesn't mean they didn't happen. DON'T FUCKING COME READ MY SHIT IF YOU HATE ME SO GOD DAMNED MUCH.**