Sunday, June 21, 2009


aforementioned headache has for the most part, dissipated, thank my stars!! okay, let me fill you in on this quite eventful weekend. first of all, the yard sale was so-so. barely that, even. not worth the 4 am wake up call that the wife and i endured early saturday. our arrival in darlington prompted many oooooooh's and aaaaaaah's over our dear wee-one, sophia. i AM a proud mommy and YES i know my darling daughter furbaby IS THE cutest thing to hit Earth since finger monkeys. however, dear scary butch redneck with the hideous tattoo on your ankle, she is NOT for sale. and no disrespect, but nor is she for sale to your...colorful... mother either. but i digress, we made approximately twenty bucks. yeah. so it was a bust, but the rest of the day made it all worthwhile.
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a baby dyke was a new face in our normal crowd, and she was just adorable. very self assured at 15 years old. it was quite refreshing. after a cookout we headed to my best friend's family pool. her other best friend was there as well. i know she enjoyed that. after the pool, we were originally off to a new restaurant in Florence, Hibachi Grill. upon walking into the door, a panic attack set in for me. a strong, sudden, and fierce one. more fierce than borat's lil gay persona. it was a damn cattle trough; herds of people moving in and out. it was TOO MUCH for me. too many people staring at me,... no ma'am, not for me. the wife and i meandered over to two great greek owned restaurants in town for take-out, and both were closed. i wondered what kind of fuckery that was. we finally got our supper and returned to my mama's to consume it.
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....later that evening, we headed to my grandma's for a quick visit. it was here that i attained a copy of our family legend; the infamous DVD that is the finest form of blackmail God EVER created. one of my aunts pays some kind of quasi, half stoned, a bit psycho homage to Prince. also in the video was our grand daddy, who has been deceased for twenty plus years. i stole the scene in every shot i was in, naturally. because a toddler with a passy, adorable ringlets, and little arms giving her impression of Mr. T is the.cutest.thing.EVER. (and my family knows it too. lol!!) my brothers, the wife and i had a good time watching the often dizzying home video.
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after the video, i busted my sister at a party. i listened to my gut and i was right. i went to see for myself at damn almost 11 pm. i caught the dumbass red handed worse than ken star discovering the lewinsky dress to bust Clinton. yeah. i rushed home, woke my mama up, and tattled like it was nobody's business. i just could NOT sit at my mama's KNOWING she was at a party where anything and everything could have happened to a 17 year old, socially retarded, hormone driven, selfish teenager. i do so love my only real sister that i have, which is why i may be labeled a snitch, but i'm a RESPONSIBLE snitch, damnit. i'd never have forgiven myself if something bad had happened to her and i'd done nothing to protect her.
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god forbid had she driven drunk and wrecked. that's the most irresponsible down right stupid and selfish thing anybody can do. speaking of which,... happy father's day to all the dads out there. i was/am lucky to have a great dad. he has loved me, protected me, and raised me the way any dad is supposed to. he never gave up on me, and for that, i am eternally grateful. thanks, steve.
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GISM #7 of 365:
i am grateful for karma.
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