Sunday, June 28, 2009

fuckery, weiners, and everyday love.

have all of the planets fallen out of alignment or something? seriously, because something fucking weird is going down. billy mays died. you know, the REALLY ANNOYING oxiclean guy. what kind of fuckery is that?! when i wrote in a previous post before MJ died, i pondered who would be the third celebrity to follow ed and farrah. be damn if no sooner than i sent that blog post out into the rabbit hole of the interwebs did the king of pop die. i'm hesitant to question who'll be suceeding the oxiclean guy. (on a twisted note, who'll scream at us on the infomercials now? billy died and vince the sham wow guy is supposedly in the pen. whatever shall the ignorant masses follow now?!)
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i've almost finished sanding down my wiener. i still have a bit more to smooth out on it but as you can see, it is shaping up quite nicely, i think. i'm going to be staining it and putting some more finishing touches on it. then i'll begin on its mirror counterpart to complete the pair. then i guess we'll see if i decide to put it on etsy.

today prevailed to be quite interesting, as opposed to what i thought would be yet another routine, boring day. i managed to: tackle the wife, get the majority of the laundry washed and dried, and smoked out the house (though not the illegal way). yeah. interrrrrrrresting. on a everyday-run of the mill boring house wife note on stuff i did today,... i replanted some bulbs and talked recipes with my mama. yes, life is good.