Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pre-Halloween Weekend.

here lately i cannot seem to get enough sleep. my therapist says that a temporary side effect of paxil is sleepiness. i could use that excuse, but truth is, i'm a sleep slut. if i could sleep 21 hours out of everyday and still function in society, i so totally would. i honestly haven't a clue why i am like that. oh well. i'll just continue to reign in the supremecy of my title of the official jamison sleep whore.

C's longtime family friend didn't survive being taken off of life support. its always a sad thing to lose someone so unexpectedly. hell. for that matter, its (usually) always sad to lose someone you care for. on the upside in this unfortunate situation, C has reconnected with a childhood friend, with whom she has more in common than just cherished memories, than she originally thought. i think its fantastic. reconnecting is great when it warms your soul.

i finally uploaded a butt load of pictures off of my cell, including a picture of my most recently completed painting. this weekend we continued to torture jackson with the newly coveted red laser light. (when he turns out to have a wally eye, and a beer short of a case, we'll know what to blame.) and just for the record,... a dachshund's farts can seriously be lethal. great stars!!

liz, and cheryl did most of the carving on our pumpkins. i did my best to do as much as i could, but my hands just couldn't keep up with my ambition. i loathe that. then, the three of us had a trip up to Cola to my favorite bookstore, where the side effects of my favorite frozen concoction gave me brainfreeze and made me way too hyper way too quick. i got a new journal, as my tinkerbell one is finally full. i also attained a book entitled, made in the usa. it was absolutely fantastic! C got the first book of the twighlight series. i'll jump on that book too.

when we returned home after our Cola mini-adventure, we watched the movie Liz picked out, August Rush. and, OH. MY. STARS. that movie was absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! the Peter Pan undertones totally sold me. (yea, yea, we all know i'm a complete sucker for anything peter pan related.) robin williams (who played Peter Pan in HOOK) was the leader of 'the lost children' and the little boy from FINDING NEVERLAND played August Rush. but seriously, that movie was...just... wow. go get it. it is now on my list of all time favorite movies. it was a movie that set my soul aglow, it made me feel alive, like that there truly ARE amazing things in this world. it had another undertone that they played to perfection; fairytales. nothing overly romantic, nothing that couldn't happen in reality, nothing walt disney couldn't do. it wasn't your typical, run of the mill, ride off into the sunset happily ever after, either. this movie, is just... perfection at its finest.

below are the pictures i finally posted, with descriptions. peace out.

kitty kitty okay, i know its small. sorry about that. i was tinkering with the sizing of these damn pictures. but anyways, can you find kitty-kitty? (i had to alter the coloring to enable your "where's kitty-kitty" game.

Halloween Pumpkins '08 these are our pumkins. purty, purty. wish i had gone with my original idea to have three pumkins having a different word on each one. i'd thought to do, "wish." "hope." and, "love."

Princess Tiger Lilly here is my completed painting entitled, "Tiger Lilly." i got the idea from the spider lilly flower that bloomed in our field. Princess Tiger Lilly was also a character from Peter Pan. i couldn't get the color to show true in the picture, so i don't know whats up with that.

SMS here's me waiting in the carpool line at Sneed Middle School. those trees were juveniles when i attended that school, the first year it opened. i'm old. seriously. i was in 8th grade at that very school when Ellis and Alex were born, yet here I was, picking up Ellis from that very school. /sigh.

blurry but nice these two road pictures i took on my way back to orangeburg. i know they're blurry, but i thought they were kinda beautifully funky. blurry but nice

Better again, i couldn't get the color to remain true, but this gives you an idea of the color scheme to the outside of our house. pretty frikkin sweet, if you ask me. we've gotten LOADS of compliments. (even from the folks who installed the vinyl.... yea, that rocks!!) kinda hard to see...