Friday, October 24, 2008


Cute House (: Pictures, Images and Photos with varying certainty, Liz usually arrives for a visit sometime around halloween, as she has now. tomorrow we will go and buy pumpkins to carve pointless characatures in the pumpkins' skin, to proudly adorn our front porch, until post halloween, when they are tossed aside and forgotten. much welcomed cold rain was rolled in by autumn's tide, as eager goodbyes waved au revoir to the summer's humid heat. this halloween will mark three years to the day of our sudden arrival to our current house in orangeburg.
just live. Pictures, Images and Photos with the tragic passing of a dear family friend of C's, i am reminded to be all too cautious in this fragile life we're living. things transpire in seconds; lives forever changed. never, and i mean, never take anything for granted. the moment you forget just exactly what you have, is the moment life will teach you its harsh lesson. always be grateful; be kind; be loving...just, be.
Ghandi change quote Pictures, Images and Photos change is scary, because we want to hold onto what we have come to know and love; the familiar. but it is when the familiar becomes bonding that change is a necessity. and in that change, we grow. forgiveness then cultivates in an atmosphere of peace, where happiness can grow in abundance. for you see, even the seasons change, though year by year they make their temporary return. love it while its here, miss it when it leaves, then cherish what has become... thats what the secret of the seasons tell me. so i'll not be scared of change, even if its from within. alas, you see, that is where it all begins.