Friday, October 3, 2008

fall unto me.

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one autumnal face.
~John Donne

the most horrid, foul, stinkiest, smelly smell of all smells was unleashed onto our back porch. and. it. won't. go. away. seriously, its putrid. i imagine its worse than sticking your head up an elephant's ass, or my Mama's dear gut farts. holy hell, this shit STINKS. everytime i get a whiff, i puke a little in my smeels like a walking, talking puss pore vomited everywhere.

honey and i have been hit hard with some sort of nasty sickness crud. great buddha, it was MISERABLE at its finest. intermitten fever, glorious pressure in the head, sore throats, coughing, and just general aching all over. cramming vick's vapor rub up your nostrils, while sucking the mucus to the back of your throat, and trying to find a suitable position so that your head is semi-up and semi-down so you can breathe, all the while trying to loosen and relax your mind and body enough to get some sleep. yea. fat chance in hell. a hell that is you sitting on the shitter, knees drawn up with your feet off the floor, hands gripping the sides of the lid for dear life, beads of sweat falling into your eyes, while simultaneously holding back a sneeze so everything that you're...expelling...doesn't clog up the damn toilet or make it explode on your ass, literally.

i am loving this cooler weather. thank buddha its here, because we needed the relief from the heat. the house is coming along. most of the siding is completed. i think the majority of the plumbing and electrical is mostly completed, as well. yay!!

i've been having odd dreams as of late. some serious heavy symbolism goin on. and i haven't the foggiest on what they mean either. i can see where some say that your dreams are your subconscious' voice. but what i want to know is, how does your subconscious know what symbols mean what? for example, let's say, you dreamt that you placed a stinkbomb somewhere in public, just to see peoples' reactions. what does that mean? what if all it was, was that you farted in your sleep and it really stunk? i mean, ya know?

my honey's birthday will soon arrive, so i am pondering that. she will say, don't worry about it, or something to that effect. shit on that. in my family, birthdays were a big deal. it was YOUR day. you get one whole day out of the year just for you. your celebration. but my honey's family works differently than mine, as do all families differ from one to the next. but that's okay. we will make our own traditions.

today i saw this odd looking flower that i've never seen before in my entire existence. after a bit of googling, i discovered my honey was right; it is indeed a spider lilly. it is strangely beautiful, standing alone in a field. a strange beauty all alone. maybe its because i'm sick at the moment, but that touches me deep in my soul. strange.
i just looked it up again, and as it turns out, the spider lilly contains galanthamine, which is a natural herb to induce more vivid, intense dreams. fucking freaky as shit, man. so like, this flower pops up, unbeknownst to me, we get sick, and i have reallllllllly vivid dreams. freaky, man. freaky.

anyways,... i'm out like clay gayken. peace out, bitches.