Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it must be a southern thing...

i am procrastinating bigtime tonight. i should be studying for my math test that my defunct teacher hasn't fully prepared us for. the joys of first time teachers. *yay*
this teacher is a bit obnoxious, with shooting daggers of sarcasm on the side. her aim is pinpointed too. aye. and her teaching methods are enough to drive, i think, anyone a little crazy. but the thing is, is that when i am not in class i get all riled up about her teaching abilities, or lack thereof. but when it comes to me actually being IN class,...i turn to marble.
i am mesmerized by this lady's teeth. seriously. they're perfect. they're real, not veneers. she just had a really good orthodontist. i zone out, just gazing at them. i am FAR from being semi-attracted to her for numerous reasons, so it is not that. but my stars, her teeth are the most beautiful teeth i've ever seen in person.
i am so jealous. how sad is that? i am jealous over a virginal math teacher who can't teach. sad, sad, sad.

in other news, evidently my aunt and my grandma are having insurance difficulties stemming from my aunt's hit and run that occurred on friday night. (she was the victim.) i could hear the stress and worry in my grandma's voice tonight on the phone. something i've not heard in her voice in years. i worry for her. for her situation. they are good together; they both drive each other bonkers, but are there for each other reguardless. and that is somewhat comforting. even though the sheer amount of bat-shit-crazy when you combine them both, is way high off the charts.
crazy Pictures, Images and Photos we bought a new betta and two snails. we've minimized to a 1 liter tank with an air pump thingy-magiggy in it. the betta is kinda pinkish, white-ish, yellowish, with hints of blue and purple. i named him pussy. i don't know why. but that's his name. the snails are still yet to be named. a gross, yet intriguing fact: the 3 goldfish wrapped in aluminum foil are still in the freezer. kind of bizarre, if you ask me. i suggested feeding them to kitty-kitty, and the wife looked like she was going to have a coronary. so that nixed that idea. but hey, whatever. we have a dog with napoleon syndrome, a dog who eats furniture stuffings, a kitty named kitty-kitty, 3 dead goldfish in our freezer that i can't feed to our kitty, and now a male betta named pussy. all that is missing is the three legged, one eyed basset hound named frank-n-farter or something of that nature.

i'm inclined to believe that we're no longer white trash since we've removed the jacuzzi whirl pool tub thingy off of our current front porch. but, we do not have the required vehicle up on blocks. we do, however, have random toilets throughout the family land. yes, toilets. we're classy like that. who needs squatters? just grab ya a magnolia leaf, prop ya rifle, check for spiders, drop 'em, and enjoy the natural outdoors.
weird turd Pictures, Images and Photos

my withdrawal from a class today initially brought relief; now, anxiety is rolling in like clouds before a storm. i'm hoping between the therapy, my support system, and my new meds, that i can keep my head above water just fine. but then again, everything always works out the way it was meant to eventually, right?
it is when my anxiety is on the rise that i can fully appreciate my friends and loved ones; they are a phenominal support system. a friend of mine stated that when everything happened at christmas, i was able to make it through because i had been healing myself prior to the accident; like i had been recharging my internal battery. i agree with that. now, i just need to figure out why the electrical outlet isn't working to transport the necessary charge to re-up. i'll get there eventually. with friends and loved ones like mine, i know i'll be okay. i (usually) always am.