Monday, June 23, 2008

summertime meanderings.

our trip to florida got cancelled at the last minute. totally sucks, but hey, it just wasn't meant to be. so Honey and i went home to be with my family. we all went to the beach down at huntington beach state park. it was very nice.
Honey, on the other hand, wasn't so nice. but its all right, because i love her. (and thank buddha, for that small fact, too!!)
my mama showed Honey the beach where i spent my childhood summers. its still unspoiled, thank my stars. i hope it remains that way!!
my arthritis is acting up rather badly at the moment, so BOO on that.
ohmygarsh!! dude!! people i know.... she was lying n her bed and a frikkin tree. landed. on. her. holy. SHIT. had to be extracted from her bed because the tree. was. on. TOP. of her. HOLY. SHIT. so now they are homeless. :-(
yesterday on the way back from florence, i said, "Honey, i want a turtle." then, i swear to buddha, like not ten minutes later, we found the beauty you see in the middle of the road. talk about instant gratification!! i took her home, took pics, then returned her, as per requested by my wife. by the way, jackson was FASCINATED by this fearless little box turtle...FASCINATED.
today, i went to roll up our car's windows and found the humming bird. its sad she had to die, but it was truly cool to hold her. really a uniquely cool experience!!