Friday, June 13, 2008

I am odd-looking. I sometimes think I look like a funny Muppet. ~Angelina Jolie

for some reason, when i saw this picture of angelina jolie and the muppets, things happened inside of my body that truly excited me. i find this quite odd. a truly funky paring. it does...wierd things to me. anyways, i got the picture from an article about her showing interest in a possible upcoming muppet movie.
i genuinely love going home. the beautifully perfected chaos, my brothers, my sister, my mama, my mawmaw, my crazy aunts, the psycho dog, ofcourse outshined by my two perfect babies. i also love, love, love coming home. its a breath of fresh air. truly. (the country air titilates my nasal cavaties.)
i rescued boy A from shopping in Cola with mama and my sister. he thoroughly appreciated that. boy E was away in sumter at golf camp. i roped boy A into a truly invigorating $30 trip to hobby lobby to pick up some glass for my art class i have tomorrow. (i also managed to score some quite divine four dollar, star shaped sconces for our new house. yay!!)
i met up briefly with our friend, M, who just frikking ROCKS!! he sooo needs to get back on the fire department. (but he's right with his point of 'who can afford voluntarily running calls with gas prices where they are?') i can't wait until C and i can do an investigation with him.
then i met up with my cousin, who i only recently met at dad and terry's funeral. who knew trading family secrets could be so satisfyingly fun?! she's a sweet lady and i am glad that we are getting to know each other better. my mama said she was 'good people,' so i know its okay to actually invest some time and energy into a relationship with her. that makes me very happy. its shocking to find members of that clan who actually have a soul.
news on the house: we have out temporary power pole put up, and the bricks purchased for our foundation. wahoooooooooooo!! and so it begins...(officially... on the land itself, that is...) weekly pictures shall now begin.
well, DHL lost my phone. so after filing a complaint with them and at&t, a refund was immediately given to us, and another (totally free) phone was sent via FedEx. and be damned if they didn't get my phone to me in one and a half days. heck, L's postcard only took five days to get to my house from FRANCE. screw DHL!!
not much longer until florida and we are growing more excited by the day!! yay!! old people, here we come!!