Saturday, June 28, 2008

intentional wanton ruminations.

i have this wicked idea that i want to try out... its puts my art on a big scale. its a very dykey thing, but nonetheless, i still wish to try it.

the past couple of days have been...painful. too many things condensed into a span of like two days. all of it referring to richard. i'm growing TIRED of this. TIRED. i am SO ready to NOT BE AFFECTED by this nonsense!!

p.s.- Honey and i were watching WEEDS, and the kid in it referred to a website that tickled my fancy. it was its a pseudonym for "what would vic mackey do." if you don't know who vic mackey is, get the fuck up off my page. if you do know who this incredibly fine specimen is, then you understand why i got so excited. (and yes, i realize that i am totally a lesbian, but there is no denying that vic mackey [Michael Chiklis], brad pitt, and george clooney are beautiful.) imagine my incredible dismay in learning it was a fictitious site. major bummer. seriously.