Friday, June 6, 2008

dog days of summer.

its hotter than a four balled tomcat today. seriously. i am paranoid about lettin mah babies out for too long, because i don't want them to pass out or die of a heat stroke. so aside from keeping fresh water in the kiddie pool, i get a cold, very damp wash cloth when they come back inside, and wet their bellies and paws, and noses. i'm not one of these dumbasses who thinks "as long as they have shade outside, they'll be okay." stupid fucking morons.
i'm tellin yall, people will be our own demise. at first, i found it quite funny and entertaining to watch the stupid people, but now i am in just sheer amazement that these idiots last past their mama's tit.
i been waiting all day on mr DHL delivery man for mah new smartphone from at&t. it really rocks. touch screen, windows, PTT, and tons of other awesome junk i'll never use. yea buddy. no more crappy razr's for me!!
after mah wife suprised me with king crab legs for supper, we got a text that mason's on his way over for a visit this afternoon. woohoo!!