Thursday, August 6, 2009

sordid, morbid fascination.

i just saw a post somewhere that says it has just been confirmed where michael jackson will be buried. ew!! dude has been chillin (pun intended) in a freezer somewhere, still sportin the white glove, waitin on whatever powers that be to decide where the fuck to bury him? that's just nastayyy. i mean, think of his three children: how do you think it affected them knowing that he's been dead for like, what, 6 weeks, and he's hangin out in some freezer somewhere.
then i also read that evidently the hair that was burned off of his head during the infamous pepsi commercial is going to be sent off to a lab to be made into a diamond.

the whole damn story from beginning to today is about as morbid as the twisted tale of hollywood can get. i cannot see the allure of fame. not at that cost.