Sunday, August 9, 2009

any violation sucks.

why do people steal? to attain things they want,... yes, i'm aware of that much. recently, my F-I-L was on the shit end of somebody's jealousy stick. a prized spot in his carport will now be empty. that'll be the first time that spot under his carport has been empty since 1987. 1987, people. 22 years.

okay so it was just a material object that was taken, so it is not life threatening. but what it is, is a blatant violation. a violation of all sorts. no vehicle of mine was ever taken, but i was robbed of my sense of safety in my own home. my childhood home was robbed by somebody who took very very very specific things. the intruder KNEW what he was taking, even the police said so. the reason they said this is because anything that could have been sold for any monetary value was NOT taken; computers, TVs, etc.

what was taken were things that were VERY sentimental to my parents and myself. as a matter of fact, something that was taken, in particular, was in a LOCKED BOX. the intruder specifically knew where to find that key to get the box (which was in an entirely different location than the box), as opposed to simply breaking it open. old habits die hard. (meaning, if one finds hiding places, they may keep them reguardless of what house or spouse they have at the time. i.e.- if one hides their credit cards in their freezer, they may do so from early adulthood until death; even through numerous marriages and divorces. hence; old habits die hard...)

an everyday intruder would not do such a thing; they'd trash 'n grab. this person even went through my room, rifled through ALL of my CDs and only took my prized collection of Reba CDs... and that alone. at this age, this was MY WORLD. this was how i disappeared from him, from the world. i hid in her lyrics, in her voice. this was part of my self made sanctuary. a normal thief would grab 'n go with CDs, not sort through them. there are numerous other circumstances that pointed police to a specific individual responsible for this break-in.

when the criminal WAS caught, he flat out REFUSED to give up who hired him. he ADMITTED it was a hired hit. what i remember is coming home to discover the house broken in. i held myself together very well as i alerted my neighbors and my parents. but when the officer asked me if i had any idea who'd have done this crime, i lost it. my heart skipped a beat and my mind stopped spinning. it zeroed in. no tears were shed until that precise moment. it was then i feared for my safety and everyone else's whom i loved. I WAS A CHILD. A CHILD. why'd i fall apart? because only ONE person came to mind. it was the ONLY thing to make sense. as far as the little bitch who did the time for the crime, he did state he was too scared to give up who hired him. that was one of THE.WORST heart breaks my evil biological sperm donor EVER gave me. i once grew the balls to finally ask him about it... he smirked, laughed, and cracked open his precious Budweiser. (is there any wonder why i still have issues with the bastard?)

---police were never able to establish who hired the criminal so i am NOT naming his actual name even though everybody already knows... so just shut the fuck up to anybody reading this in Florence ...and btw, IF and only IF that IS you who keeps "accidentally" calling me, STOP. point blank, stop.---