Tuesday, January 20, 2009

life's musings.

when pandora's box was opened, all the evil was released into the world. one thing remained; hope. it seems fitting to say bush was pandora; he opened the box of catastrophes. the dawn of a new era has begun. hope survives, and is currently thriving.
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my hometown got snow so my children had a snow day today. i know that made them happy as a fat kid eating cake. orangeburg never gets the good stuff. i.e., blazing thunderstorms and snow or ice. aye.
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after honey left for work, i was sitting here at the PC eating my supper when i heard a knock and somebody calling my name. i hollered hold on, so i could round the three amigos up and corral them into the safety of a bedroom. they were all barking like crazy. but when i looked outside in both the front and back yards, there was nothing or nobody. it freaked me out. the dogs heard it, because they reacted to it, so i know it wasn't just in my head. but man, that fucked with me somethin awful.
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i have been noticing another phenomena; shoes on the side of the highway or road. what the heck is up with this? i mean, and its never a pair of shoes, its always one lone shoe. seriously. the little bit of ocd that i do have, flips out everytime i see this occurrence. if you're going to trash your shoes, why not trash them as a pair? i also thought of this, what if they just fell off a vehicle? but how would that happen? you leave a shoe on the roof of your car? leave a shoe in the bed of your truck? or perhaps the old toss out the window? either way, it puzzles me. i know that i am not the only one who has observed this oddity, as my BFF has seen it also.
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