Wednesday, January 21, 2009

house wife meanderings.

well today is a house cleaning day, so here i sit waiting on laundry. the normalcy can be comforting. last night, honey's mama put this stuff on my back that heats up to relax the muscles. well, amidst my intense cleaning, i got hot, therefore, i was sweating. (btw, i loathe sweating. its just plain nastiness.) this stuff has re-ignited, heating my back up to super hot levels. i cannot decide if it feels nice or if its painful.
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i've been contemplating returning to my writing. contemplating, only. i don't know if i still have "it." my imagination is more keen than ever, so i know that part won't fail me. i have so much pent up artistic juices in me, that i can't fart without some of it escaping. but i'm wanting to wait until we get moved into the new house to begin any new projects. its a bit frustrating, but i know its for the best. anyways, i must return to cleaning. peace out, homos.
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