Friday, January 23, 2009

the curious case of baby supplies.

so i had this seriously crazy dream last night, that i feel the need to purge. here goes:
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i came home from school to find our home filled with baby supplies. it looked as if a baby was already here. i even saw the glass baby bottles that i wanna use when the time comes. cheryl walks in the living room with a shit eating grin upon her face and i'm looking at her like, wtf? she says that she couldnt wait to go buy the stuff, so she went ahead and did it. meanwhile i'm thinkin, okay, she's got issues. lol. we hadn't even begun trying in the dream, but here all the stuff was, in all their glory, spread about the house like the bliss had already begun. i remember feeling elated but a bit disappointed, as i wanted to help choose the things we were going to buy. it was definitely cool though.
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i know freud would have some analytical answers, and i'd be lying if i said i wasn't curious myself. i wonder what it means.