Friday, August 1, 2008


*slams head against keyboard*

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okay!! i feel better. i tell yall, there is NOTHING like a slamming sinus cold thingy. all that wonderful congestion all held hostage in your head, with nowhere to go, and no means of escaping. fabulous visionary difficulties, a delightful ever relentless static that remains on inside your head, thus drowning out anything anybody's telling you. (but hey, i'm already damn near deaf, so what the deuce?!) i tell you, its absolutely fantastic!

last weekend, we had my BFF, L, come up on friday. we went to see the dark knight at the orangeburg movie theatre that night. and, oh. my. bob. i don't EVEN know what to say. let me try to summarize things: the theatre is overrun by...natives. yea. oh, and the mystery sticky substance under my shoe by my seat was amazing! the oxyclean guy should look into that. seriously! maybe the army can use it to..., i dont know, stick a dildo on the side of bush's head. it would so stay on there. totally.

i'm convinced that the bible shall be amended with an eleventh commandment, stating that "one shall see 'the dark knight' or one will answer to the Lord, be struck down, sent to Lucifer himself, and dance with rich@rd @nderson on burning coals, while simultaneously arguing with Strom Thurmond that he totally likes dark meat."

seriously. look for it. the new editions will be available in two days inside the nightstand at your local motel 6. you'll have to fight your hooker for this one, folks.

...getting back on track, here. saturday we spent TWO HOURS inside of lowe's, waiting on incompetent morons. then, we met up with whom we dubbed "the lesbians." they're alright. very nice. i hope they liked us. then, on sunday, we headed for florence, and came back home on monday at lunchtime. seriously. a very tiring weekend.

anyways, that's about all i got. so peace out.