Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i am distraught that sordid lives: the series won't be on air for two weeks. gah. how rude!! i need my Rue fix. i guess Blanche will have to suffice. "lord, what a quandry."
i heard from my BFF today, and i couldn't have been any happier. its so odd that i am having difficulties adjusting to her move. i mean, i've lived everywhere between columbia to charleston and in between, so i've been apart from her. even now, with us living in orangeburg. i am totally at a loss as to why i'm having such issues. it doesn't matter anyways, as i get to see her this weekend, and i am stoked about that!
my honey has been doing some hard, back breaking, manual labor at our house. her wittle feetsies are hangin in there, the cute lil things!! i still like the idea of naming the house maison a la blanche. ha. and speaking of mah BFF, she totally got the DOUBLE symbolism in that. (if you're not a days of our lives fan or a golden girls fan, then you won't get it.) honey bunny isn't too keen on that idea, ofcourse.
yesterday was eight months. i guess my "sister" is swimming in money now. i wonder if her skin has a red hue now? still blinded, her magic mirror on her wall, shows no blood red at all. i am thankful i am moving on; its about god damned time. took up enough of my life as is. the world has opened up; more air to breathe. a colder winter predicted; the cause of global warming now six feet under. i am sure a cure for cancer and aids is just around the bin now. HA. i can be so twisted. however muchso, its still the truth i speak.
i went for my eye exam on monday, and i must divulge; that lil machine that shoots the puff of air into your eyeball is made by lucipher himself. tortue. bush should sign another torture memo including that with waterboarding. seriously. anyways, my new glasses are adorable. i should get them like about monday. they are kinda dorky in a cute way.
i'm getting that urge to do something with my hair again. aunt G just highlighted my hair, so i don't know what i'll do. DON'T FREAK- i'm NOT cutting it. maybe a streak of pink or purple? something kinda punkish? i don't know. i may just bring out what blonde i have out a bit more. who knows. "lord, what a quandry."