Friday, August 15, 2008

nonchalant update.


~three of the four remaining members of Chunk's aquatic community are now deceased. Shirley, the tenacious Betta, is still hanging in there.

~i received an invitation and a little side hand written note from an AMAZING artist to an open house she is having to show her work. i am humbled beyond words. an artist of her stature inviting me. it seems so insane! she also, somehow found my blog. which is... too freakin cool!!

~i came home to florence this wednesday to chill with mah family before school started back again. my mom took me out to eat at olive garden. it was kind of awkward, but it was great having one on one time with her. i had a long talk with my sister, who is your everyday typical 16 year old. then tonight, i carried the twins out to G&L's, where i jung out with all of my aunts for a while. aunt G highlighted my hair, and aunt boo is trimming my hair in the morning.

~i got my schedule for school, and it puts me in school everyday monday through thursday. fun.

thats about it, really. oh wait- fat man resigned. i can't say anything nice, so i'll shutup. lol. peace out yall.