Monday, August 18, 2008

wifery inclinations.

after arriving home early saturday afternoon to discover a cranky wife with a vicious migraine, we headed to columbia to buy bundles of hardwood flooring for our house. (fyi: spending a couple of hours with a cranky wife cooped inside a car, on the highway, with a migraine... is NOT fun.)
"but i digress," sunday, C poked and proded me out of our nice, warm, toasty, and comfy bed for a spur of the moment getaway to SC's own lowcountry. and i ASSURE you,... albeit a relaxing day, it was an interesting one, to boot.
beautiful scenery, scandalous and romantic marsh smells were more than abundant. it was more than enough to give you a promise of what the south was really like, way back when. aside from all that racial and sexist prejudicial nonsense, ofcourse.
all in all, i must divulge, that THE MOST satisfying and hilarious moment of the day, was our time spent on fairview nursery road. what a relief, indeed. lol.
with darth vadar guiding our way, our day was thoroughly enjoyable. i did get doggy sick the closer we got home, though. i can't go without my babies!!

today i started school, and best believe, it wo' mah arse out!! mah C and i were so in sync today, it wasn't funny. i.e.- upon my early arrival at school, i visited the unairconditioned, one stall only, ladies room, where i had a semi freak out due to the heat. in my mind, i was thinking that i needed C's help. fast forward about 25 minutes.... C get this intuitive urge to go check on me at school. (something she's NEVER done.) so she gets there, finds my truck, only to discover i left mah headlights on and my debit card out in full view. OOPS!! okay. THEN... she found the identifying sticker that i couldn't find this morning that indicates that i am a current student. so she sticks that on mah bumper, as it should be. THEN... upon my departure from school at approximately 245 pm, we were playing text/phone tag discussing supper plans. i got irritated, and proceeded onto booger king for our food. i NEVER go there, because, well... it just isn't mah fave. i then get home, walk in the door, to find out a few minutes later that, she had indeed gone to the booger king before i had, and gotten EXACTLY what i got for her (with the exception that she ordered no mayo, and i ordered no mustard), but she'd left her food in her car when her ADD kicked in and she decided to mow the grass instead.
*deep breath*
okay, here are our lowcountry pictures. no, your eyes are NOT deceiving you. okay, i'm beat. my white ass is goin to bed now. peace out, whores.