Friday, August 8, 2008

au revoir, chunk.

our freezer has become a moseleum, of sorts. well, a holding tank, rather. you see, Chunk, our biggest goldfish left us today. he/she/it will be dearly missed. the other members of the surrounding aquatic community, in which Chunk resided are still in a state of mourning. the burial is planned for saturday, august 9th 2008, somewhere in orangeburg county, south carolina. surviving relatives whereabouts are currently unknown, as Chunk's mother was a professional whore. friends state that despite Chunk's life starting off on a shady foot, he/she/it managed to rise to the occasion and have a nice life in a permenate foster home with a family who fed him too much. henceforth, due to his/her/its morbid obesity, burial is necessary. "atleast Chunk's life amounted to something," noted a fellow aquatic mate who didn't want to be identified, "Chunk's life didn't go to waste, Chunk didn't go down the drain."