Monday, September 14, 2009

there's too much pain & not enough love in this world.

what can i say about this weekend? it was ROUGH. rougher than the leg hairs on a lumberjack dyke who lives on the land out west somewhere. it hurt. flat out, hurt.
but that has taken back seat to a much bigger heartache; honey's cousin passed away this morning. i know the heartache of the universe stealing a loved one from this realm all too soon. that loved one died september 18th, 1997. that twelfth anniversary is in just 3 days. everything happens in three's. when my Nana died, that too, occurred in three's: Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, and my Nana. my heart, soul, and all the love i can give are with my Honey Pot & her family. i love you, my pookie-doodlebug.
well today, honey's cousin died, along with patrick swayze. who's numero tres? last time i questioned this, freaking michael jackson died.