Wednesday, September 9, 2009

thursday morning ramblings.

last night, honey pot took a stern tone with me to "order" me to go to the local urgent care facility here in florence. i hemmed and hawed, as i hate going to those places. somewhere in the back of my mind, i think that the reason the doctors that work in these doc-in-the-box places either failed med school, are a con artist, a doctor who got fired from some super esteemed medical facility, a doctor who is being slapped with a punishment from the medical licensing board, or one of those "self sacrificing" people who is single handedly trying to save the world from one thing or another.

either way, my lil brother accompanied me to help me talk since i was having technical difficulties doing so. my symptoms were so bad that they were semi-reminiscent of my migraine days; my vision was not at its top peak, as the light hurt my eyes, and i found it difficult to formulate sentences. i got antibiotics, nasal spray, and a mild pain killer. they tested me for swine flue, but upon my rectal examination, they found no corkscrew tail. ;-)

during my appointment, the nurse asked if he was my son. this is the second time this has happened this weekend. what is this fuckery?! my bob. i'm 27, he's two months shy of being 14. ohmystars. i would have been 14 when i had him. no ma'am, that didn't occur. am i looking that old? that hagard? that jaded? what is the universe doing? fucking with me because my biological clock is madly ticking? thanks. thanks a lot, asshole.

drastically changing the subject here,... but i just read that ellen is replacing paula 'abdrool' on american idol. interesting replacement. very interesting. but i guess we shall see how this equasion factors out.