Thursday, September 24, 2009

joe blows.

okay i have a question for yall stalkers readers.

am i being unfair, unjust, being a tee-total bitch, or do yall think
i have grounds for my opinion? here's the quick run-through
of the story.

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i met a kid i'll call "joe," at school in my psyche class.
i decked him as a fellow gay and in time,
like always (ahem, Cheryl), i was proven right.
we got to be close quickly but as the semester
progressed, he reconnected with old friends and made
new ones. since he is a small town southern queer,
this is to be expected. i even left him a card on his car
for his birthday. once he began hanging out with the
aforementioned friends, suddenly his demeanor
shifted. he no longer had time for me,
or for me and Cheryl.

when honey and i lived at the other house two years ago,
we had a big blowout cookout for my birthday party that'd
i'd planned way in advance for. i invited joe. i even kept
reminding him about it. his ambiguous answer bugged
me, but i let it go. he told me shortly before the party
that he'd have to see what else came up. finally, DURING
the party, he calls me and says that something came up
and he couldn't make it. the following day i found out the
thing that came up was a spur of the moment trip to a gay
bar in columbia with another lesbian couple and another queer.
that hurt my feelings. then honey and i had a get together
that we invited him to. again, the exact same thing occurred.
of all the times i asked him to meet up to hang out or just to
socialize he did meet up with me i'd say, 1 out of 3 times.
once i had to go to the neighboring small town of st. matthews
to go to the Pig, so i called him to see if he'd meet me there.
i'd just finished talking to him via the interwebs and he said
he was taking a break from studying and just playing around
and that he was bored. once i got to the Pig, i called him. his
response? "its 7 miles down the road. i'd have to get in my
car and come, i'm too lazy." yeah. i was so displeased on
that one. somewhere in the midst of this he and i had a talk
about him needing to be a better friend and about giving me
non-ambiguous answers ahead of whatever event so that
i would not be holding onto false hope. that obviously flew
right out the window. and finally there was the time that i
called him in crying hysterics because honey and i had a spat
which thoroughly upset me. instead of attempting to comfort
me in any capacity, he started talking about his flavor of the
month. i had to fight to bring the conversation back around
to why i was calling, and when i finally succeeded, his tone
of voice change to the "i don't give a shit" attitude. he then
quickly had to go.

so i ask yall, am i wrong or right in feeling slighted by
this boy? that he obviously doesn't think enough of our
friendship to matter to him? i realize he cannot be
at my every beckon call or that he is the sun to my earth.
i don't expect nor want that. but am i being bitchy for
expecting to get in return what i give into a friendship?
have yall ever had this happen before? if so, what became
of it? he asked me why i didn't talk to him anymore (after
not talking to me for months) so i told him. and he
got pissed. then the usual excuses came in; school work,
he had a man he could only see once a week, he was
busy, etc. the same god damn jargon as every time before.
any advice on this situation? leave it in my comments.
please. i'm eager to get your opinions to see if i'm
being a bitch or being fair.

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and for a wee bit of comedic relief purposes,
i bring you two LoL's!!