Tuesday, April 21, 2009

rollercoaster moods.

hello, bloggy blog. how i have so desperately missed thee. i have been super busy these past few days, so i must plead for your forgiveness.
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last week my hormones were acting crazy something horrible. seriously. i felt bi-polar. i'd be happy one minute and then the next second, literally be steaming mad. at first i chalked it up to pms, because i usually have a rough bout with it like every two to three months or so. i also had some very unfriendly female issues goin on that i didn't find so polite. it just made an aggravating situation more aggravating. then i thought maybe it was because i had my a.d.d. riddled brother for a solid week and he refused to take his meds. thats enough to get on ya nerves fo' sho'. then it struck me clear as day this weekend when i was back home. it was the darvacet. i have not been abusing it in any capacity but had been taking it at regular times during my daily regimen. therefore i had it in my system continuously. i quit taking it and bam! just like that, my mood evened out. thank my stars too because that shit is for the birds.
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this weekend i was back home, as i previously mentioned. i spent quality time with my friends. i made a break through with one, and supported another in her time of strife. "friendship is the key to happiness," said my nana's pillow. and that couldn't be more true.
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i've posted some pictures below. you can see our newly installed huge fenced in back yard for our four legged furbabies to romp around in. also some pigs feet and ears that i saw at the hoggly woggly that kind of creeped me out. but the main thing that got me was a piece of hair weave i saw sitting in the meat department. YUUUUUUCK!! you'll also see where i put a barrette in sophia's hair. she looked so pleased with it too. there is also a picture of her sitting with one of my besties. and in another picture, you'll see our new comforter and bedskirt. its oh-so-pretty!!