Monday, April 27, 2009


well hallelujah!! i made it to 27 years old without taking anybody out. that's a damn miracle in itself!! honey and i mozied on back to my mama's for the weekend to celebrate. had a relaxed, fun time. my bff's congregated at the pool to spread joy of my birthday. okay, well, maybe that's a wee bit egotistical, but hey, it sounded good.
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nah. ash invited us out to her mom-in-law's pool and we had a blast at the cookout and swimming. pictures will be after this bloggy blog. time was spent with most of my family members and i enjoyed it all.
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there was something, however, that darkened my weekend: everybody's favorite substitute teacher has joined Sophia up there in that great big lanai in the sky, Bea Arthur died. Dorothy and Sophia are together again up there in that 'Golden Palace.' i may be pathetic, but damnit, i'm a hardcore fan. this really has saddened me. words fail to accurately depict the legacy she leaves behind. in all seriousness, upon finding out this unbelievably tragic news, i promptly announced that i needed to get another critter so i could honor Bea, and name it Dorothy. and in one giant swoosh!, the wife squashed that dream. *sigh* i vow to find a way to honor our beloved Dorothy, aka "Pussy Cat." thank you, "Dorothy" for all of your laughs, you'll be in my heart always!!

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