Thursday, April 9, 2009

plethora of updates.

and a great big howdee to you, my fellow interwebbers!! it sure has been a long time. i missed you VERY much. i promise to you, from this day forth, that unless circumstances are beyond my control, i shall'nt abandon you for that long again...
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lets see, where the hell to even begin,... two weekends ago, one of my oh-so-precocious mini me's volunteered for the gargantuan task of coming up for the big moving day weekend. we worked my poor baby to the bone. he did it all without complaint. that weekend we were all just flat plum exhausted. honey's pop and uncle did the big moving parts of it for us. we may be bona fide, card carrying, power tool wielding lesbians, but damnit, we're still women!!besides, its not like either of us are butch, i mean, ya know?
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on our first night in the new house, the three of us ate dinner at our table in our new dining room. weird as it may seem, it felt like we were a family. like, a real family. later on in the evening, one by one, we all enjoyed the pleasures of our HUGE relaxing jacuzzi bath. yesth, yesth. its quite nice, if i do say so myself. we are slowly but steadily settling in to our beautiful new abode.
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so it seems that i am the one in charge of putting pictures on the walls where i deem fitting, and other decor decisions. that suits me perfectly anyways. that's my arena, not hunting down the flat head or the phillips for the damn bolt and nut in the closet doors. yea, that's my honey bunny's department. that's not to say, however, that i can't find a stud in the wall the hard way, handle my drill better than Elton John handles piano keys or a dick. i can hold my own with my power tools. me thinks this is a standard prerequisite for joing the pink taco club.
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mini-me E got mauled by our kitty-kitty when he and i brought her over to our new house. yea, neither of us thought to grab a blanket or a towel. smart, very smart. the damn cat was traumatized by that truck ride. seriously. she reminded me of a crack head that was kinda stoned. kitty-kitty's only returned to the old house once but we brought her back home and are trying to woo her into staying her by giving her some kitty-kitty canned food along with her regular food. she did manage to piss the floor once in the living room. i was L-I-V-I-D. i mopped that bitch i know a good 5 times. i even did the baking soda, peroxide trick. woosh!! that STUUUUUUUUNK!! she got one more time to do her business in my house and kitty-kitty's outta here. we got her a litter box, a crate for her since she jacks the other crates, and a spiffy new collar that reflects light.
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ever since we moved in, we've been busier than we ever were in the years we resided at the other place. service guys flowing in and out the house like a fart on a windy day, and holy heck, even neighborly drama already!! long story short, neighbor on our left ran over neighbor across the street from us' dog. across the street jackass neighbor wanted to leave the dog on the ground til he got home from work so he could "handle" it. asshole. honey bunny and i weren't about to leave this beautiful fawn cocker spaniel just lying there in obvious pain for a few hours. we went to one of the only TWO vets in the tri-county area that were open that wednesday. (that's retarded in and of itself!! i mean i realize this is a small town southern region, but golly, vets are needed EVERYDAY 24/7!!) the dog did have to be humanely euthanized due to severe injuries sustained from the MVA. the neighbor to the left did run the dog over over, but was not at fault. she was doing all of 20 mph down our road, which you have to unless you like shitting out cash to purchase a new chassis for your vehicle. across the street neighbor has like a million dogs, most of which roam the road. i hate that. i truly do. this was a senseless accident that could've EASILY been prevented. people around here are in the mindset that dogs are expendable. such blasphemy curdles my girdle.
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then there's my f-i-l. he had a medical emergency that thankfully turned out to be easily repairable. thank you jesus, buddha, allah, mother earth, and to the gods and goddesses up there on mount olympus. he may have his flaws that can make a sane man look for a corner in a circular padded room, but he's a great man. i am greatful and relieved that he'll be a-ok.
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i've been very worried about a great friend of mine lately. someone once said to me you can see everything inside of somebody if you can see into their eyes right way.
the sparkle is long gone from my friend's eyes. its saddening. i have come to immensely value and cherish our friendship beyond what words can inadequately describe. to see his soul lose its shine is so disheartening. i have been trying to be the best friend that i can possibly be by helping him through this funk he's in. i have faith that he'll come around eventually. its my unsaid job to see to that. i feel i owe him that much at the least.
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i know i'm leaving so much out of this update, but oh freakin well. the pictures i posted in this update are a bit of everything from our new dining room, the three colors of my art room, to my sister before she left for her prom. enjoy!!
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