Saturday, March 14, 2009

a snafu day...

friday the 13th was normal like any other day,
but saturday the 14th... holy shit.
the preconceived notions that typically pertain to friday the 13th carried over to today!!
as in, today should have been friday the 13th.
it was just a great big cluster fuck.
honey bunny woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed.
she gets claustrophobic when the house gets cluttered, and it was.
but 75% of the clutter was boxes that needed to be moved to the new house.
we managed to pick up a little bit before my family came.
but she was still CRANKY!!
my family arrived this morning to lend a much needed helping hand.
i had packed up several boxes and we had some furniture that could be moved already.
things were running quite smoothly and extremely proficiently until the arrival of my father in law.
*da da dum*
while i am truly appreciative of all this man has done for us,
he humiliated me today in front of my family.
because of him the moving stopped dead in its tracks.
with little else they could do, my family left by noon.
i was thoroughly disappointed and highly embarrassed.
this only further aggravated my honey bunny and did nothing to repair her mood.
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but alas, like the wind it has blown over.
my mom once again managed to kidnap jackson.
she wanted to take harley too,
but i'd said no.
then the little turd betrayed me by jumping into her van and not coming back out.
eh, oh well. grandma will spoil them rotten for a week.
i am left with my utterly adorable wee-one,
who apparently out of the blue has become energized with fiestiness and attitude.
she looks like some sort of demented wind up toy going bazerk when she gets worked up in a tizzy.
she's so damn cute i can't stand it.
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