Tuesday, March 17, 2009

merci beaucoup....

when i was a little girl i had big dreams i wanted to chase and even bigger fairy tales i wanted to come true. i think we are screwing our children over by encouraging them to believe that fairy tales are real instead of just a figment of childrens' stories. fairy tales belong in disney world. if the moms of the world would just add on a clause at the end of every bedtime story that notes fairy tales aren't real, a lot of unecessary heartache could be easily prevented. chasing fairy tales is equivalent to chasing a fart in the wind.
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i think now as an adult i can look back in retrospect at past relationships, fucks, and what nots with a clear hindsight. i've never wanted to admit it before, but there was an obvious case of clearcut fear of comittment. i ruined relationships and friendships alike because of this insane notion. i realize that Buddhism teaches us that nothing is permanent, but i wish i'd realized earlier that things can last, if anything, for a substancial amount of time. i know how careless, wreckless, wild, rebellious, callous, deceitful, and plain stupid i was back in my past. i hate that now, as i hurt some good people and did nothing but hurt myself in the longrun. i have worked this out within myself, and only have one regret amongst all of that chaos.
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if you had told me five or ten years ago that i would be married, building a new house, have a gaggle of dogs and a cat, and thinking about possible baby daddies, i'd have prolly called you a liar and 'kicked ya in the taco.' i never thought in a million years that i would settle down and allow somebody to love me the way i deserve. somehow i found her. we found each other. she is far from perfect, as she has many flaws. raving and ranting about simple things is one that i can't help but to secretly laugh at. how she can get so worked up over the most minute of things just tickles me. she is so cute when she rants. she fusses about our furbabies sleeping in our bed with us. i suspect that she secretly likes it, but she'd just assume to rip her throat out before admitting that to me. sure, the smallest of our canines is the biggest bed hog, and kitty kitty is restless and won't quit kneading on top of our bodies... but i think she loves it.
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i never thought i'd be where i'm at today. i don't think any of us think that though. this i do know, i am unbelievable thankful and blessed to have such a perfectly imperfect wife that is all mine. i still don't know what i did to deserve her. maybe it was my guardian angels looking out for me. whatever the case may be, i have a full heart these days instead of a broken one. today marks our two year wedding anniversary and our four year anniversary together. i can't thank my stars enough for all of this fulfillment.
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