Wednesday, March 11, 2009

je suis béni.

yesterday was my grandma's 80th birthday and my sister's 17th birthday. it was bittersweet. we were supposed to have gone to eat at grandma's favorite restaurant, but once she realized that my aunt couldn't accompany us, she didn't want to go. i guess my aunt has become her safety blanket. talk about a defective blanket from the factory!! that blanket got caught up in the machine at the plant, spit out, rejected, and still got sent out to the public...the dye they used for coloring that fabric must have been made from the poppy fields because she's damn sure acting like she's been exposed to some pretty strong opiates. or, maybe the bitch is just plain psycho. either way, the dysfunctional (and delusional) 'security' my grandma gets from this blanket is evidently what she thinks she needs.
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so my wonderful wife and i opted to bring her favorite dish from her favorite restaurant to her for supper. yea, yea, i know, i know... i ROCK as a grand daughter. no ego there, eh? on the way to grandma's house the wifey and i were chatting, and i quoted a true sophia saying to her about my grandma's 80th birthday. "once you hit 80, every birthday without a headstone is a milestone!!" yes, yes. i crack myself up. but alas, we had to leave her house suddenly because i became overheated rather quickly. when that happens, i get really sick really fast. i get all discombobulated. seriously. its no fun. at all.
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the packing is still under way. aye karumba!! it doesn't look so hard, but it is all of the repetitive bending that is bothering me. my back feels okay as of right now. i took it easy today to give my back a rest. hopefully tomorrow i can go back to full force and get a lot more packed. i'm getting so super stoked about moving. i told my wifey that i couldn't wait to go and buy shower curtains and such. yay!! that sounds so matronly doesn't it? oh well, i'm a future milf anyways.
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when honey was talking to my favorite old woman yesterday, she told her that i was utterly in love with my wee-one, sophia. it hadn't dawned on me until she said it, but i am!! i love my harley and absolutely adore my jackson, but i am in love with sophia. what my honey bunny said touched my heart. and speaking of my honey, our four year anniversary is approaching quite fast. hmmm... i gotta get those creative juices flowing so i can do something for her.
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